So like I just finished kuroko no Basuke season one and this is all I got

  • Kuroko: Hahaha now u see me now u don't. Loljks u never saw me
  • Kagami: I make kangaroos look ridiculous HAHAH UR STRONG LET ME JUMP AT U AGGRESSIVELY
  • Kise: Oh so you can do something no one else can do that's considered your special move and everyone worships you for it? Cool, let me just do the exact same thing you just did flawlessly and better than you did all while my fangirls' ovaries explode in the distance lel
  • Midorima: i follow my horoscope and my horoscope tells me to shoot a basket from the opposite side of the court. However, I will subtly give u hints on how to be better but then I'll deny it all because tbh I'm not a nice person at all whatchu talkin bout Willis i don't like kuroko at all even tho I watch every game he plays lol
  • Aomine: I can do everything you can do about two hundred and thirty three times better, plus things you can't even imagine all while fucking ur bitch at the same time lol btw this isn't even my final form xoxo kamisama hajimeaomine